Welcome to bootrino

What is bootrino?

  • bootrino https://www.bootrino.com is a website that makes it easy to launch Run-From-RAM operating systems on cloud servers.
  • bootrino is a browser based ReactJS application, written in JavaScript.
  • bootrino netboots Run-From-RAM operating systems on cloud servers.

What clouds does bootrino run on?

  • Amazon EC2
  • Google Compute Cloud
  • Digital Ocean

What is a Run-From-RAM operating system?

  • A Run-From-RAM operating system boots initially from hard disk, but once booted does not need the hard disk at all.
  • Examples of Run-From-RAM operating systems include:
    • Tiny Core Linux
    • Alpine linux
    • Yocto Linux
    • Unikernels

Can I trust bootrino with my cloud keys?

One of the primary considerations in the architecture of bootrino is your cloud account keys.

It’s important to understand that bootrino effectively has no back end server or back end functionality, apart from user creation/authentication, which is handled by Amazon Cognito - a service for only that purpose.

We wanted to ensure that user cloud account keys are never sent to the bootrino back end because of the trust issue that anyone would reasonably have. So your cloud account keys are stored locally in your browser and never send to the bootrino back end - which consists only of Amazon Cognito anyway as mentioned.

Watching network requests from the browsers developer tools or setting up a network analyzer would show that your cloud account keys are not sent to any bootrino back end.

If bootrino effectively has no back end, then how does it work?

The answer is that the bootrino JavaScript running in your web browser talks directly to your cloud REST API with no third party in between. That’s as secure as I could make it - the keys stay on your machine and your machine talks directly to your cloud so you need never wonder about the trust level for bootrino’s back end systems.

What does netboot mean?

  • netboot means that when a server starts, it loads the operating system from an HTTP server

What is bootrino’s architecture?

  • bootrino uses JavaScript to talk directly to Google, Amazon or Digital Ocean API from the browser via the REST API of the cloud.
  • bootrino uses your cloud credentials to access your cloud account.
  • bootrino stores your cloud credentials on your local hard disk and does not send them to the bootrino servers.