Configure for Amazon EC2

Configuring your cloud(s) is (unavoidably) the hardest part of using bootrino. We want you to succeed. So if you are having a problem, or if these instructions are incorrect or confusing, please let us know at and we’ll try to help you as quick as practical.

Step 1: create Amazon access key and secret access key.

You will need an account with Amazon Web Services

Sign in to your Amazon AWS account then go to the IAM policies page:

You should see something similar to:

It is possible that instead of the screenshot below, you might see a screen with a blue “Get Started” button on it. Press that button to see this screen:


Hit the “Create Policy” button. You should see:


Hit the “Create Your Own Policy” button. You should see:


Enter “bootrinouser” as the policy name, and in the description put “This policy gives access to bootrino users to start stop reboot terminate tag and manage instances” (without the quotes).

Copy and paste the following JSON into the “Policy Document” field.

    "Version": "2012-10-17",
    "Statement": [
            "Sid": "Stmt1480830335000",
            "Effect": "Allow",
            "Action": [
            "Resource": [

Hit the “Create Policy” button.

Next we need to create a user. Go to:

You should see something like:


Hit the “Add user” button.

You should see:


Put “bootrinouser” (without the quotes) in the “User name” field, and ensure the “Programmatic access” checkbox is selected, then hit the “Next: Permissions” button.

You should see:


Hit “Attach existing policies directly”. Then type “bootrinouser” into the filter field.

You should see:


Select the “bootrinouser” policy checkbox and then hit the “Next: Review” button.

You should see:


Hit the “Create user” button.

You should see:


You will need to put the “Access key ID” and the “Secret access key” into bootrino, so copy and paste these values somewhere ready for the next steps.

Step 2: add your Amazon access keys to bootrino.

Go to bootrino at


Select the “clouds” icon at the top.


You should now see your configured clouds, probably empty unless you have already configured additional clouds:


Select “New”

You should see this:


Ensure that “Amazon Web Services” is in the “Cloud type” field

Paste in your Access key id and Secret access key into the fields.

You may optionally enter a comment such as “IAM username is ‘bootrinouser’”

The credential keys that you enter here are stored on your local hard disk and are not ever sent to the bootrino servers.

Hit save.

You should see this:


Notice in the above screenshot there is a “test” button. Press it to test your configuration.

If the configuration tests OK then a message will say “no errors returned - connection looks good”.

You should see this:


You have completed your Amazon Web Services configuration!

You are now only seconds away from launching a bootrino on Amazon Web Services! Go for it! TODO link above