Configure for Digital Ocean

Configuring your cloud(s) is (unavoidably) the hardest part of using bootrino. We want you to succeed. So if you are having a problem, or if these instructions are incorrect or confusing, please let us know at and we’ll try to help you as quick as practical.

Step 1: create a Digital Ocean API token.

You will need an account with Digital Ocean

Sign in to your Digital Ocean account then go to:

You should see this:


Press the “Generate New Token” button.

The “New personal access token” dialog will be displayed:


You need to enter a token name. Any name will do, for example “bootrino”.

Ensure that read and write scopes are selected.

Press the “Generate token” button.

Digital Ocean creates a new personal access token and displays it. Copy it to the clipboard.

Step 2: add your Digital Ocean API token to bootrino.

Go to bootrino at


Select the “clouds” icon at the top.


You should now see your configured clouds, probably empty unless you have already configured additional clouds:


Select “New”

You should see this:


Select “Digital Ocean” in the “Cloud type” field

You should see this:


Paste in your personal access token.

You may optionally enter a comment such as “Digital Ocean token name is ‘bootrino’”

The personal access token that you enter here is stored on your local hard disk and is not ever sent to the bootrino servers.

Hit save.

You should see this:


Notice in the above screenshot there is a “test” button. Press it to test your configuration.

If the configuration tests OK then a message will say “no errors returned - connection looks good”.

You should see this:


You have completed your Digital Ocean configuration!

You are now only seconds away from launching a bootrino on Digital Ocean! Go for it! TODO link above