To boot a Run-From-RAM operating system using bootrino, here are the steps:

  1. create a new user account at https://console.bootrino.com/signup
  2. confirm your bootrino user account via the email link, then sign in at https://console.bootrino.com/signin
  3. you must have an account set up on Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine or Digital Ocean
  4. you must configure access credentials in your cloud account.
  1. at https://console.bootrino.com go to “clouds”, select “new” and put in your credentials
  2. at https://console.bootrino.com press the “home” menu option at the top of the page
  3. the bootrino home page lists a number of sample bootrinos. Click on https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bootrino/bootrinos/master/install_os_tinycore/bootrino.sh
  4. press the “launch instance” button
  5. choose the cloud to launch on from the dropdown list
  6. in the “bootrino environment variables” field, put a password, for example: PASSWORD=password123
  7. press “launch”
  8. after launch you should have been taken to the “instances” page. If not then press “instances” on the top menu.you should be able to see the instance there that you just launched.
  9. make a note of the IP address
  10. go to a terminal and connect (replace x.x.x.x with the IP address): ssh tc@x.x.x.x
  11. if everything worked as expected, you should be asked for a password. Put in the password from the previous steps above.
  12. you should now be logged in to the instance that you launched.

That’s it …. you’re away!